Well hello lovely followers, let me introduced myself. My name is Danielle and during the strangest of years (2020!) I found sanity and calm in returning to my original love of textiles and so founded Nevanais Knots and Knits in Nottingham, UK.

Originally trained in multimedia textile design and fibre technology I have worked within both garment technology and fabric technology fields. I put this aside when my husband and I formed our business some years ago, but fast forward a few years and during lockdown I pulled out the threads and immersed myself in knotting and knitting, developing skills that I'd only touched on in the past.

I have a love of texture and  fibre and enjoy experimenting with different combinations to realise and give life to the masses of ideas that I have spinning round in my head! 

My aim is to produce and maintain a core range of products alongside one off unique pieces that you can purchase through my online shop. I hope you enjoy browsing the store and please keep checking back for new pieces and products.